Affordable Final Expense Life Insurance

Final expense life insurance is designed to help you leave a financial lump sum to cover your end of life expenses. Paying for end of life costs, including funeral expenses, can put a financial strain on your loved ones, especially as the average cost of a funeral in the USA is now approximately $10,000. Choosing an affordable final expense life insurance plan through IntelliQuote can help you provide for your end of life costs and protect your loved ones from financial stress.

What Is Final Expense Life Insurance?

Final expense insurance is a form of whole life insurance, which means that the plan is guaranteed to pay out and lasts for the life of the policyholder as long as the plan premiums are paid. In general, final expense plans offer a low level of coverage that is suitable for funeral expenses and other end of life costs, this helps keep the plan premiums very affordable. When the policyholder passes away, the plan will pay a cash lump sum to the person named on the policy.

How Does Final Expense Insurance Help Your Loved Ones?

The death of a loved one is an upsetting time for everyone involved. The stress of this difficult time can be further complicated by the financial worry of affording funeral expenses. Many families find it difficult to pay for funeral costs as many of these expenses need to be paid for at the time of the service. Taking out a final expense policy is one of the best ways to protect your loved ones from the stress of finding enough money to cover these one-time expenses. This is especially important if your loved ones would need to take on debt to afford your funeral costs.

What Can Final Expense Policy Provide Funds For?

The costs of final expenses can quickly add up, with the funeral service, burial plot, and casket just part of the costs. Your family may also be responsible for undertaker services, cremation expenses, and numerous other costs. Final expense insurance is an easy and affordable way to leave a cash lump sum to cover these expenses.

Final Expense Insurance Rates Everyone Can Afford

IntelliQuote works with a selection of the highest rated life insurance companies to help you find a high quality plan at an affordable price. Our online quoting system provides instant online quotes in just a few minutes helping you save time and money. Simply fill in the short form to compare affordable life insurance quotes in the comfort of your home.

Choosing The Right Final Expense Life Insurance Coverage

At IntelliQuote we’re here to help you find the final expense policy that best fits your needs. You can choose from a selection of plans online, but if you’d like some additional advice one of our experienced licensed insurance agents are here to help. Call our team at (800) 963-6405, or use our online form to find the best final expense life insurance rates, today.